Me in 2050: **still can't listen to 'Baby Don't Cry' without curling into a ball and sobbing for seven hours**
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i was in the car with my mum today and she stopped reversing and looks at me and was like “is that a hickey ??? On ur neck ?????? did a boy do that to u ????????? i thought u’d be alone forever on ur laptop.” the hickey was a bruise from where i accidentally shot myself in the neck with a nerf dart while trying 2 recreate a scene in star trek. my life is so pathetic even mum wants me 2 get some

update: i got a real hickey

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:)what the f*ck:)

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exo-k for lotte peppero

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baekhyun stans


sehun stans


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"Chanyeol doesn’t zip his luggage all the way to the end to give air to his 5 plushies because they might die."


(C) chanmilk

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | translation via  mug_ping

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Q: What are your thoughts of the recent lip-sync ban on one of the broadcasting companies? (x)

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kaisoo in the pepero cf

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