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every time I try to study bangtan be creeping like

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when chansung and joo won meet again…

and then we have junho meeting joowon x



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[140912 FANACCOUNT - Incheon Airport] “Once I passed the security gate at Incheon Airport, some of the members were waiting inside. Jongin was leaning on a desk and bent his waist. Suddenly a hand reached out and rubbed Jongin’s arm, but because the sight was blocked I couldn’t see the owner of the arm at first. Then I peeked in, and I saw that it was Kyungsoo. ㅠㅠ”

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(take out with full credits!)

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my 250 fav pics of blonde Jaejoong

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xiuminniee inquired:

what accounts do you recommend following for more kpop posts ?



we are all u need

this is the best response ever.

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what the fuck is wrong with u people if a person wants to wear a grandpa sweater and a flowercrown while drinking a pumpkin spice latte fucking let them live their life the last thing they probably need is your broke judgmental ass giving them hella negative vibes cause you don’t like their life choices bye

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these two ಠﭛಠ need to be stopped ಠﭛಠ

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